Art History Consulting
Art History Consulting


Services for Artists

What can we do for you?


  • ​Coaching for artists
  • We care about you to present your artworks perfectly
  • Check out and optimize your profile
  • Write and talk about your work (artist statement, catalogue essay, press release, preview article, website content)
  • Price your artworks
  • Sell your artworks
  • Searching venues to show your artworks at galleries, art fairs, alternative art spaces
  • Assist you to find opportunities (open calls, scholarships) and support you to finalize your application 



Services for Investment Firms, Art Funds, Foundations, Galleries and Cultural Institutions


  • Our focus is on researching artworks to identify new markets for art as a long term cultural and financial investment
  • Within the context of business our selected artworks have enriched the lives of many people
  • Our expertise helps you to build and manage your art collection. 
  • You are invited to book our PR Press Services, Curatorial Management and Gallery Walks and Talks




Services for Private Collectors


  • We help you to find the best connection to buy or sell artworks - in the private art market, public auction houses or in the artist's studio.
  • Research services for art loss to lead your art back into family property
  • If you want to discover secret places, please join our artists studio visits.






  • Gallery AP Contemporary, Hong Kong
  • Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto (AGO)
  • Raquelle Azran, Asian Contemporary Art, NY, Tel Aviv
  • Marion Stoeter Gallery, Hamburg
  • The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, NY
  • The Global Fine Arts Awards, Miami
  • Miami Dade College, Museum for Art & Design
  • Goethe Institute Inter Nationes Inc., Munich
  • Nina Jun, Ceramic Objects & Installations
  • Jörg Plickat, Sculpture
  • Anna Paola Pizzocaro, Multi Media Artist
  • University of Applied Sciences Hamburg
  • Drostei Foundation Pinneberg
  • Breckwoldt Foundation Hamburg







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