Art History Consulting
Art History Consulting



Painting/ Multimedia

Asta Caplan

Eckhard Besuden

Sonja Blattner

Samuel Fischer-Glaser

Ai-Wen Wu Kratz

Ole Terslose

Milena Tsochkova



Sculpture/ 3D Object

Yuriko Hirose

Nina Jun

Basilius Kleinhans

Vladimir Nazarov

Jörg Plickat

Ole Terslose




Collector's Services


Dear Collector,

you are welcome to view a selection of our contemporary art portfolio. Take your time learning more about art instead of following the latest trends. Please, do not hesitate to ask questions, if you consider to purchase an artwork, condition, provenance, artist information - all aspects of the piece that are important to its value.

Please, send us a message to and we will contact you shortly.




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